Speaking of making batch-importing more accessible, I've put together an Excel spreadsheet that does a lot of the preparatory work. It was inspired by the work the people at Nanyang Technological University had done, using a spreadsheet that held the metadata and running it as a data source through a Java application. My addition is to make it work completely within Excel.

A user will build their directory structure and populate it with the bitstreams:

parent directory

And then fill out the columns and rows of the spreadsheet corresponding to each subdirectory. Run the macro, and the dublin_core.xml and contents files are generated and put into their corresponding subdirectories.

If you'd like to take a look at this work-in-progress drop me a line and I'll send it to you. I've only tested in on Excel 2003 running on XP. There are still a lot of refinements I want to do to make it easier, and also function things like handling bundles.

You still have to use the command-line tool; this just prepares the necessary directory.

Tom McGee
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