Regarding the display of fields, you can modify accordingly the option "webui.itemdisplay.default" in the dspace config file located at: {your_dspace_install_dir}/config/dspace.cfg. This is for the JSPUI web interface.

Regarding the OAI, please, tell us the version of the DSpace that you are using. DSpace 3 is using the XOAI implementation which is different from the one used to previous versions. Thus, I will need to know your version in order to help you.



On Jul 2, 2013, at 5:26 PM, George Stanley Kozak <gsk5@cornell.edu> wrote:

I donít recall if this has been discussed before (if so, I apologize), but I was wondering if a specific item metadata field can be restricted from the public and from OAI.  So, basically, the rest of the metadata for the item can be harvested or displayed but one particular field will be excluded.
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