Hello Paul,


I hope you are at the configuration stage of DSpace config file. This link gives step-by-step instructions to install DSpace on windows. The screenshots will take a bit to appear.


I have copied in the relevant portion incase the link doesn’t work.






Installation of Dspace


Download Dspace source and extract into a directory like C:\Dspace (Rename to Dspace)

Copy the PostgreSQL JDBC driver C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.1\jdbc\postgresql-8.1-404.jdbc3.jar

to C:\Dspace\lib folder


Open the file C:\Dspace\config\dspace.cfg and make changes


dspace.dir = C:/dspace


dspace.url = http://IP_No_of_Machine or hostname/:8080/dspace


dspace.hostname =  hostname or IP No of M/C


dspace.name = DSpace repository name (like IR@youruniversity)


config.template.log4j.properties = c:/dspace/config/log4j.properties


config.template.log4j-handle-plugin.properties = c:/dspace/config/log4j-handle-plugin.properties


config.template.oaicat.properties = c:/dspace/config/oaicat.properties


mail.server=host or IP no of your server


mail.from.address = dspace-noreply@your_email_ID




Go to command prompt (Start->Run then type cmd)

ant  fresh_install

Create Initial Administrator Account

run the command

dsrun org.dspace.administer.CreateAdministrator

Supply the password

Copy the files dspace.war and dspace-oai.war from the folder C:\Dspace\build to

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps folder


Restart tomcat (Start->Programs->Apache Tomcat 5.5->Monitor Tomcat->Restart)

Open browser and browse the URL http://IP_No_of_Machine:8080/dspace




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Hi all. I'm trying to install DSpace 1.4.2 on my system for a trial run, but I'm a Mac person, not a Windows person, and I am totally lost in the instructions, and my IT department has bluntly refused to help. Since no one in the library knows either, I'm turning to you guys as pretty much my last option.


I've installed postgres and the other prereq software, and I've gotten to the "Update Paths" part of the install, but, while I know where to find them, I don't know what a path is, or what I'm supposed to change them to.


Could someone please either explain, or point me to an explanation, in layman's terms, of how to install this software?




Paul Jordan

Digital Archivist

Occidental College