(1)     I upgraded Dspace 1.3 to 1.4 on Windows XP. Normal search and full text search works well. The advanced search worked for the author field by modifying the dspace.cfg file to search.index.2 = author:dc.creator.*. The title field was also changed accordingly but advanced search doesn’t retrieve the relevant records. Re-indexing was done after rebuilding Dspace.

(2)     Tried with adding a new search field based on “conference” qualifier on the “Creator” DC attribute. Dspace config file (search.index.12 = conference:dc.creator.*) and advanced search JSP file (<option value="conference" <%= field1.equals("conference") ? "selected=\"selected\"" : "" %>><fmt:message key="jsp.search.advanced.type.conference"/></option>) was changed accordingly. Re-indexing was done after rebuilding Dspace.


Could anyone please help.