Can you please try with source=/Users/pan/

I encountered the same problem on windows platform. This was rectified by giving the main folder name with the import command. I assume that “pan” contains the subfolder “tmp” which infact contains the pdf file. Hope you will let me know if this works with you.





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Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 8:02 AM
To: Dorothea Salo
Subject: Re: [Dspace-tech] how can I find out the collectionID?


Hi Dorothea:

Thanks a lot for your help!
In my case, the handle is 123456789/2.
So I used the following command to add
a pdf file under /User/pan/tmp, but somehow
the pdf file was not added into the collection
and the file test_map is empty.  No error
message was shown either.  I wonder what
I did wrong.  Could you give me some ideas
on how to debug?

Thanks again,


bubba:~/dspace-1.4.1-source /bin pan$ dsrun --add --collection=123456789/2 --source=/Users/pan/tmp/ --mapfile=/Users/pan/tmp/test_map
Destination collections:
Owning  Collection: PODAAC collection
Adding items from directory: /Users/pan/tmp/
Generating mapfile: /Users/pan/tmp/test_map

On 1/29/07, Dorothea Salo <> wrote:

Pan Family wrote:
> dsrun --add
>  --collection=collectionID --source=items_dir
> --mapfile=mapfile
> Hi,
> The above command for batch import requires
> the collectionID as input.  I wonder how
> I can find out this ID?  Is it the string
> that I used to name my collection, or an ID
> that DSpace uses internally?

        You can use the collection's handle for this; go to the collection's home page
and use the numbers after "handle/" in the URL.

        If you should need the internal DSpace collection ID for some reason, though,
log in, surf to the collection page, and then use the "Edit" button under Admin
Tools. From there, choose "Collection's Authorizations," and DSpace will pop up
the "DB ID" in the title of the page.

        (I hope there's an easier way to do this! There certainly should be.)


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