Dear list,

We're trying to export DSpace collections from the front end (Admin Tools- Export Collection, or Export (migrate) Collection), it reports errors for certain collections:

Error with export

The overall size of this export is too large. Please contact your administrator for more information.

The hosting company said that it's because DSPACE was running out of space and did adjustments in the server side (I assume), it still reports the same error. We then searched DSpace-Tech and changed the itemexport maximum size config to "“ = 1024”, it still reports the same error for certain collections.
What else can be done to resolve this issue?
Our goal actually is to export collections in DSpace to CONTENTdm and eventually to a state-wide sharing system. Currently, we get metadata from the front end (Admin Tools- Export metadata) in csv file for a whole collection, and we acquire the actual bitstreams from the collection export. It involves some manual work to add the bitstream names to the csv file (in spreadsheet). There are probably better ways. If you have any insights, please reply!
Thanks very much!


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