Hey Release,

Just wanted to drop a note that I'll be attending the VIVO Implementation Fest in Boulder, CO this week from M-W (and then a red-eye back Thursday morning, yay), so I may be a bit offline as far as keeping up with email goes, but I'll be catching up Thursday (after a morning siesta perhaps).  See you on the flip-side.

P.S. - I won't be able to be attend Open Repositories this year due to travel budget constraints.  Who from RT3 will be there?  Trying to see if it makes sense to maybe do a Google Hangout if most of us are in the same place (maybe toward the end of the conference, to gain the benefit of conversation-context out there)?  

I'd also like to plan a Hangout for late May to chat about what the release is looking like and just get on the same page, face to face.  Sound good?

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