Avoiding having to do this sort of thing is one reason we are doing DSpace harvesting via OAI (http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/dspace/default.htm).  If anyone wishes to be added to the list of institutions harvested, please let McKenzie know (celia.it is already on the list).


I have to admit we haven't been keeping this up-to-date, but if/when it becomes important in providing access we could improve on that, and we will be doing a reharvest soon.




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Hi Daniella,

This is because the item pages are generated dynamically from the repository. Google only indexed static pages on the web. In order for Google to find the items, you may either need to provide a static page to all the items.. e.g. providing (submit to Google) a webpage containing hard coded URLs for all single items pages.. I don't think Google is that intelligent to find the item pages via the DSpace front-end.. (requires automatic search of all possible items and indexes!).





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On 31 Aug 2004, at 09:59, Daniela Dragone wrote:


Hi to all,

I've a problem with google.

Google finds the home page of my installation of DSpace (http://dspace-unipr.cilea.it:8080/index.jsp),

but it can't find single items, for example http://dspace-unipr.cilea.it:8080/handle/1889/62

If I insert, for example, the title of this item in the search bar, Google finds other related pages but not the page of the item in dspace.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance




       Dott.ssa Daniela Dragone


          CILEA - www.cilea.it






--Thomas Hickey, Chief Scientist, OCLC