Hi All,


I tried to have 2 instances of dspace 1.6.2 on Debian, how ever when I run mvn package

Build fails unable to get dspace.cfg.


 So far I did

  1. Create a new database (dspace2)
 2. Create a new installation directory (dspace2)
 3. A new sources directory (dspace-1.6.2-src-release-2)
    old (dspace-1.6.2-src-release)
 4. copy dspace.cfg (cp dspace.cfg dspace2.cfg)
 5. Edit dspace2.cfg as follow 
         dspace.dir = /dspace2
         dspace.url = http://[YourURL]:8080/dspace2
         db.url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/dspace2
What will be my next step? 
Should I link tomcat to dspace2 folder?
Should I run mvn clean?