The question of author disambiguation is indeed a thorny one.


We make every effort to ensure that our own University author’s names are present in our database in a single authoritative form (manual intervention mostly!), but what we can’t hope to control is the form of name for the many thousands of co-authors from other institutions.  So while we may always record our author as “Jenkins, Kelly Jane” if she co-authors with Smith, P. J. and Smith, Peter and P. Smith across a number of years we have know way of knowing (without a lot of further investigation) whether this Smith is in fact the same person each time.  And even if we can reasonably assume that if she has co-authored three times with a P. Smith we can’t be certain that every P. Smith in our database is the same one. So we end up with three forms of name for what could be the same person.


It is easy to see how you can end up with 50,000 author names from less than 4,000 University affiliated authors!!


ORCID will be a viable solution when it reaches the tipping point where the majority of authors (or at least those still active!!) use it.




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It would be nice if there were an admin tool that could search and replace author/contributor names... barring the implementation of ORCID of course.

We have collected about 50000 authors now and about 3000 advisors at a University with 800 staff. This does not compute as Spock in Star Trek would say.



On 5 February 2013 21:11, Rosamilia, Nichole * <> wrote:

Hi, I’m curious about what processes people are using to implement name authority in DSpace.


We plan to use author names from our office directory. However, when a researcher’s bibliographic citations are pulled from databases like Web of Science, there can be a lot of name variation and no identifier linking the variations to the same researcher, much less to our office directory. We’ve compiled a bibliography with hundreds of citations to load.


Barring implementing ORCID (which we are exploring), how does your institution handle this? Right now, it looks like we’ll end up writing a script to find/replace variations with the preferred name from the office directory. This likely still entails a fair amount of time and manual cleanup. Any advice, tips, or even just confirmation that others are taking a similar approach, are appreciated.




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