dspace 1.7.2  XMLUI  mirage

community1  handle 123456789/63  ID=7
community2  handle 123456789/64  ID=8
collection1    handle 123456789/65  ID=9

collection1 was created in community1.

I moved a collection1 from community1 to community2 by updating the community2collection table.
update community2collection set community_id=8 where community_id=7 and collection_id=9;

I ran the  dspace index-update command. All looks like it's working. collection1 now shows up under community2.

Then I noticed the breadcrumbs do not work. When I go into the community2, then collection1, the breadcrumbs for the <community name> flips to the old community1, even though I'm in community2.

I restarted tomcat. I did a dspace index-init. I'm stumped.

How do I get the breadcrumbs to work correctly?


Gene Titus
Senior Systems Administrator
Texas Digital Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin