I am trying to upgrade my Dspace 1.5.1 which is currently in eclipse… But I am new to using Maven and not sure if I am understanding this correctly. Perhaps I am trying to take too much of a shortcut…


I have some overlays in xmlui, and currently that is the only module I am building, so I turned off the other modules in assembly.xml.


I modified my [source]/dspace/pom.xml  to use the dspace parent version of 1.5.2 (along with updating the subversion repository addresses to 1.5.2).


It now builds to [source]/dspace/target/dspace-1.5.2-build.dir, however when compiling the individual modules it is still building [source]/dspace/modules/xmlui/target/xmlui-1.5.1 and wmlui-1.5.1.war.


I noticed that pom.xml in [source]/dspace/modules/ still says parent 1.5.1 as does [source]/dspace/modules/xmlui/pom.xml.


I noticed that when I changed those files to reference 1.5.2 the build destination and .war files became 1.5.2.


Is there a way to make eclipse/maven update these based on the [source]/dspace/pom.xml?


Or am I completely on the wrong approach here?


Any help would be appreciated.