Hi All,

I'm trying to customize the submission steps of the standard item submission in DSpace 1.8 . The customization consists on reordering the steps such that the bitstream upload step appears before the describe step, modifying the upload step to gather some information of the uploaded bitstreams, such as keywords (using some keyword extractor for known formats), abstract, etc., and then use this information to complete/suggest values for the description of the item in the describe step. The customization will be done mainly for XMLUI and JSPUI. 

I've been looking the Java code that implements the Upload Step (org.dspace.submit.step.UploadStep) and the XMLUI binding for that step (org.dspace.app.xmlui.aspect.submission.submit.UploadStep) and It wasn't so clear for me step when (or where) can I access the uploaded bitstream so I can wire there some java classes to process the bitstreams and extract useful information for the describe step. 

I'm asking if there are learning resources that can be useful, specially for the XMLUI binding and JSPUI binding so I can speed up my learning for those topics. Also if someone has done something like this before, would be good to hear some approaches.