Hi All,

I was wondering if I could get some feedback from people who have been using Creative-Commons licensing before-and-after DSpace 1.8 (when the REST API licensing rewrite was added to DSpace).

In 1.7 and below, when viewing an Item, it looks for a bitstream in the CC-LICENSE bundle, and tries to grad the URI from the appropriate bitstream, upon page load. 

In 1.8 and later, when viewing an Item, the license metadata gets added to a CC-Name and a CC-URI metadata field. The UI just points to those metadata fields to indicate the proper license. 

This leaves one with a "legacy" problem, as mentioned in the 1.8 release notes.

 Rewrite of Creative Commons licensing for XMLUI

  • Better integrates the Creative Commons licence selection into the submission process
  • Legacy problem – do we update old license to new or not? Currently MIT runs 'split version' with old licenses looking like old, and new look like new. 
    Provided by MIT.

So, we have just started to roll out our upgrade to 1.8 locally, (we're a little late to the party), and we're not happy with being stuck with a legacy problem. So I was wondering if anyone has done anything to their items to address this situation.

For us, we've built a Curation-Task to migrate the old Items with CC-License to fill in their CC-Name and CC-URI metadata fields.

You can take a look at the code for it if you are interested. 


It essentially gets ran once during the upgrade, goes through all Items in your repository with a CC-LICENSE bitstream, extracts the LICENSE-URI from a bitstream, compares that with a locally maintained table of license options, and fills in CC-NAME and CC-URI metadata fields. (We've chosen dc.rights.cc and dc.rights.ccuri). I've run into performance issues on running a curation task recursively over the entire site-level, and had to make some optimizations to the distribute method, but it runs pretty well now.

Peter Dietz