LINUX  Redhat RHEL 5 and Dspace 1.8.2
Dear Experts
I am unable to get emails from dspace user accounts those are generated by dspace from my linux server.
I wanted to have copy of all  outgoing emails from sendmail server so i try to do followings steps
but cud not get sucess so i kept old file as it is.  I find following error.
[root@library ~]# su -l dspace
[dspace@library ~]$  /usr/sbin/sendmail
WARNING: RunAsUser for MSP ignored, check group ids (egid=0, want=51)
can not chdir(/var/spool/clientmqueue/): Permission denied
Program mode requires special privileges, e.g., root or TrustedUser.
[dspace@library ~]$
Please help.
With Regards
Indu Bhushan
Library, RRCAT, Indore