Great!  We will go through the SUNScholar wiki to see what we can find to setup a training program for a DL project we are about to start its implementation here in Saudi.

Thanks a lot for your help helix84.

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On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 3:21 PM, helix84 <> wrote:
On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 1:10 PM, Massoud Alshareef <> wrote:
> The page you provided (http://wiki.lib.
> is intended forallation and on
> Ubuntuto be specific. Our preribuferred Linux distribution is Debian.
> However, what we really looking for are training materials on DSpace as an
> institutional repository system.  Do you suggest that we stick with DSpace
> documentation since it is comprehensive enough to  use for generating
> training (step-by-step) schedules and guides for empowering staff members
> with the necessary skills to run and operate a DSpace site ?

That's correct, the installation how-to I linked to is
Ubuntu-specific. Any step-by-step instructions must be specific :)
I would say it's still useful for Debian-based installations, because
the systems are really very close.

Regarding generic materials for an IR, the SUNScholar wiki does
provide even generic IR advice. The DSpace installation is just one
part of it I linked to because I thought that's what you were
interested in.

If you feel you still need something different, feel free to suggest
what it should be. If you want, you could create a whole course,
possibly reusing other existing parts of documentation. It could also
be in English so that others can expand it and you could translate
just that course.  It's up to what you need, really. You could work on
the DSpace wiki, which is editable after registration. You could even
improve the official documentation (which is in a separate namespace
on the wiki), all you need to do is send us your wiki username and ask
for access.


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