One thought, could we setup a google calendar or use the Duraspace calendar to schedule dates / deadlines?


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Pottinger, Hardy J. <> wrote:
Hi, I remember this idea being discussed at OR12:

"Mark Diggory would like to do some Maven restructuring/refactoring, which
makes the most sense to do as part of the RC release process,
post-feature-freeze, so as to minimize the impact on active development."

The topic came up at today's dev meeting, and todonohue commented:

"I think my question here was what does "post-feature-freeze" mean?  Do we
want to set a more specific deadline to ensure we have time to do a bit of
basic tests before 3.0RC1?  Also, I notice that statement says "Mark
Diggory would *like* to do...", which I wasn't sure if that implied it
gathered widespread approval yet or not?"

Further discussion on this took place at today's dev mtg, you can see the
transcript here:

I think the gist of the conversation is: we've already approved this
project, a pull request for the work exists, but is a bit stale, timing of
a future application of any pull request of this nature needs to be made
clear. I think based on the discussion and prior votes/discussion, it
looks like the Maven Project Consolidation will proceed, and it will
likely occur after the "pull request" deadline. However, we should set an
official time for when it might be applied, and publicize this date.



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