On Thursday, July 19, 2012, Robin Taylor wrote:
Hi Sands et al,

I inadvertently started a discussion on how to cater for addons to
DSpace yesterday but that wasn't my intention.

I think I was as much to blame for this ;)
 think we need to
consider what to do with the XOAI module but within the existing
framework. The Lyncode guys have gone to the trouble of contributing so
they deserve an answer of some sort. For the sake of discussion lets
assume its a good piece of work, the options would appear to be...

1. Replace the existing OAI module with the new one.
The original OAI app hasn't changed in 10 years... No one really is here to support the original code... I think it's time is ripe to throw it out.

2. Distribute it alongside the old one.
3. Put the new module in Github somewhere but as a separate repo, as is
the case with dspace-rest. This gives it sort of semi-official status.
4. Do nothing.
5. Other options I can't think of.

All these paths lead to greater complexity with the only benefit being, for some hypothetical status quo who fear change, not having to.

Any ideas ?

Here's my position, the contribution of a solution to DSpace does not require a concensus vote, that would significantly slow the progress of contributing.  What is needed are one or two commiter "eyes" looking at the code to assure its sane and works, then agreeing to the pull request, accepting or rejecting it with comment.  We already made comments and recommendations, we need someone to quickly test the code and confirm it works, then accept the pull request.  The testing period will rat out any bugs...


Cheers, Robin.

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