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From: Tim Donohue <tdonohue@duraspace.org>
To: dspace-devel <dspace-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 11:58:40 -0600
Subject: Re: [Dspace-devel] VOTING OPEN: Should DSpace move codebase to GitHub?
Hi All,

A minor clarification on this GitHub vote. The Committers are holding this vote in a public forum (dspace-devel) so that community members (i.e. all of you) also have the opportunity to express your opinions.

So, whether you are a Committer or not, you are welcome to vote. This will help us to also gage community feedback for this possible codebase migration to GitHub.

== A few notes on how a typical DSpace developer may be affected ==

As a DSpace developer, you may be directly affected by this migration if you currently checkout DSpace code from SVN. Obviously, should we migrate our codebase to GitHub, you will then need to checkout code via GitHub.

If you still wish to use SVN locally, there will be ways you can continue to do so:
* GitHub does have some basic SVN client support: https://github.com/blog/966-improved-subversion-client-support
* Or, you could obviously download the Zipped up release packages and import them into your local SVN

However, to receive some of the benefits of Git/GitHub (easier code sharing, ability to pull in others customizations or submit your customizations to DSpace), you may wish to also think about a local migration to Git/GitHub at some point. Obviously, should this migration to GitHub occur, the DSpace Committers & Developers will work on documenting some best practices for how individual developers may wish to fork the DSpace GitHub, manage your own local customizations, etc.

So, please feel free to express your opinions of this possible migration to GitHub!

- Tim