Hello all,

As a continuation to the previous mail. I have realized that, the variable rendering is indeed happening, where all the referenceSets from the community browser division are copied.

However, they are not being rendered into "li" and "ul"

For the body :

referenceSets get transformed to lists ( "li" )
 and "ul", with the help of an xsl  - which converts it from DRI to html.

I am finding it difficult to find, which xsl converts the referenceSets to lists.

In the way, i can apply the same rendering to the referenceSets that i have copied within the variable.

May i please request - if  any of you know, which xsl is rendering the referenceSets inside body?

Thank you


On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 4:21 PM, Lohit Valleru <lohitv9@gmail.com> wrote:

Please find the dspace details:

Version : 1.8.2
Theme : Mirage
Discovery: disabled

May i please ask for some help regarding : wrapping the community browser division along with html tags and referenceSet tags.

I have tried to wrap the variable by selecting its id, in pagestructure.xsl :

<xsl:variable name="community-browser-menu" select="/dri:document/dri:body/dri:div[@id='aspect.artifactbrowser.CommunityBrowser.div.comunity-browser'][@rend='primary'][@n='comunity-browser']"/>

and render it on navigation.xsl

<xsl:copy-of select="$community-browser-menu" />

However, all that i see is the heading and paragraph without formatting.

May I know, if it is possible to wrap the whole division as it is with its tags, and render the same in other template.

If yes, may i know how do i do it.

I would really appreciate it, if someone could help me with the above difficulty.