Hello All,

Dspace has a defined a set of Authorization policies , to give users particular rights like:

Read/Write/Delete an item, Read/Add/Remove a collection/community, Workflow access rights etc...

However, I want to add few more policies.  One of which is:

1. A user group should have access to only: Import Metadata. ( and anonymous read access by default)

Right now, Import Metadata can only be done as an Administrator, under Administrator options.

I have tried, looking for that particular core java class file, where the users policies are accessed by the system.

I wish to know, how does dspace, deal with authorization policies. i.e how does it decide on particular read/add/delete rights to a user, and where in the workflow does that happen.

So that i could do the same, for the system to add above policy for a particular user group.

May i know, if anyone has an idea about how to go through this.

I would be grateful to hear from you.

Thank you