Hi Richard,

DSpace 3.0 will have a separate module in which all api changes can be added. This module has been named additions, for more information:

Hope this helps.

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On 29 October 2012 11:09, Richard Jones <rich.d.jones@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Folks,

I have build an add-on to DSpace which provides a variety of features
such as XMLUI pages, SWORDv2 ingester plugins, etc.  I want to find a
good way to incorporate this into a DSpace build, and so far have
resorted to patching the dspace-api pom.xml file with a dependency on
my code library so that it gets pulled into all the webapps and the
core DSpace lib, but this is not an ideal solution.

I toyed with a variety of other options, including making my code an
overlay, but the problem with overlays is that they only affect the
webapps, and the code library also needs to be in the core DSpace lib
directory, and there doesn't seem to be away of overlaying that.

Any suggestions as to what the best way to do this actually is with
the build mechanism?



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