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I got to the real issue at hand after some searching. The dspace demo branch has some local configuration on the ChoicheAuthority system. The unit tests get their configuration from the dspace.cfg.more file (a fileweaver plugin in maven "weaves" these files together for a test config file). Because our local adjustments to the dspace.cfg overwrite those from the dspace.cfg.more file the tests will fail since the configuration file for the tests is incorrect. So I doubt that ever since the authority control was enabled on the demo that the tests succeeded (either that or I missed something).

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Kevin Van de Velde
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On 25 October 2012 14:33, helix84 <helix84@centrum.sk> wrote:
I'm happy to report that I got the mobile theme working. There's a
link to it in the footer and there's a link to switch back at the very
bottom of the home page of the mobile version. I had to fix the link
back, so I guess I'll just commit the fix to master.

I'll update the release schedule as per yesterday's DevMtg discussion
and mention the mobile theme specially (it wasn't on demo until now,
so it didn't receive any public testing). There will also be a call
for translations.


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