Thanks Hilton, but I think this will not help me because I need to put the Read permission bitstreams only for some items that are within the same collection. I understand that the policy restriction DSpace occurs for ALL items in the same collection and that is not what I need. 

My understanding is correct? Do you have any suggestions? 

thank you

On 9 March 2014 17:43, Hilton Gibson <> wrote:

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On 9 March 2014 20:59, royopa <> wrote:

I am using theme Mirage in my DSpace 4.1 and I need restrict the access for only some specific bitstreams in various items in same collection.

I have created a metadata field to control the access, but in list item and full record item I need show/permit the view bitstream of item only adminsitrators users (user logged with group administrators).

How I can do it?



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