Ok, I think I have it now:

(1)You make a change to

(2) Reload /solr in tomcat

(3) Run
 ./dspace update-discovery-index

(4) Rolad / in tomcat

I see what I want now.

One more question, if I'm using /solr, do I still have to do /dspace index-init?  Is lucen used at all.  This is an important question, because sometimes I have to make changes to the metadatavalue table using SQL, and I alwasy run /dspace index-init afterwards.  So I guess if I'm interested in using solr, I would need to run both

/dspace index-init
./dspace update-discovery-index

Thank you!

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Jose Blanco <blancoj@umich.edu> wrote:
I changed


and I still see 5 Recently Added items in the home page.

After I made the change. I reloaded /solr and /
and I restarted tomcat.  I also cleared the cache using the UI as administrator.  What am I not seeing?

Thank you!