Respected Sir

Kindly confirm the following steps
1. Take the Backup of Dsapce 1.4.2 on Windows (can I use PG ADMIN for that?)
2. Restore it on 1.8.2 on Ubuntu.(can i import using PG ADMIN as I have installed PG ADMIN on Ubuntu as well and already configured it)
3. Copy  [dspace]/assetstore/ folder and all subdirectories to Dspace 1.8.2 on Ubuntu.
4. Upgrade the 1.8.2 database using

the steps taken above are correct? or I have to update the backup_sql file?

Kindly explain

Nitin Paliwal

On 27 August 2012 17:20, helix84 <> wrote:
Correction, this is how you run the sql files:

psql < /path/to/your_export_from_dspace_1.4.sql
psql < database_schema_14-15.sql
psql < database_schema_15-16.sql
psql < database_schema_17-18.sql

Also, you have to run this as the dspace user so that the dspace
database is used (assuming you followed the installation steps and
have a "dspace" user with rights to the "dspace" database).


Nitin Paliwal