Dear DSpace developers and users,

As many of you know, the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) ( helps review the JIRA issues classified as new feature requests. The goal of the DCAT review is to help move the feature along by helping to flesh out requirements or ideas for implementation as well as recruiting developers to work on the request. DCAT generally selects the new feature requests which appear to be of broad interest in the community. DCAT discussions are documented and are always open to the entire community for comment/feedback ( There are some new feature requests that would be very useful to discuss with the entire community on the mailing list rather than just in DCAT. We are bringing one such request to you today: Create easy upgrade scripts (

There is a general understanding within our community that any simplification to the upgrade process would be greatly appreciated. Easy upgrade scripts will be useful, in particular for institutions with few resources in terms of technical staff time. Ideally one script could be made that would enable going through the entire process responding to various prompts for config information i.e. so simple that a repository manager may be able to do it. We suggest the following research approaches.

Strategy 1: We can start with further automation of the latest DSpace upgrade instructions a "suite of scripts" approach. For example, based on the latest DSpace upgrade instructions: ( the following could possibly be automated further:

This kind of approach wouldn't automate the entire process, but could simplify it considerably.

Strategy 2: Another approach could be through common configurations that could provide an incentive driving users towards fewer configurations.

Current activities: the Agris (FAO) and Odin (UNESCO-IOC) communities are currently investigating whether they can perform updates/upgrades using their customized Windows-only (.exe) Installer for DSpace (AgriOcean a customized version of DSpace : for more information, go to Once it is built, this code may be something that could be generalizable, at least for Windows-based installations of DSpace (more detailed are here

Call for Feedback: Do you know about any other similar projects? Has any of you written or come across any easy upgrade scripts?

Call for Volunteers: If there are no solutions available yet, would any of you volunteer to create easy upgrade scripts (e.g. 'dspace upgrade 1.7 1.8'), likely in Java? We can start writing scripts for the most common database/operating system which in our case is PostgreSQL/Linux (based on the numbers of users from DSpace Registry ( Database: PostgreSQL 310, MySQL 58, Oracle 40, Other 12; Operating System Platform: Linux 224, Microsoft Windows 88, UNIX 28, Solaris 22, HPUX 2).

Requirements: Anyone (with the skills, expertise or experience) can volunteer, you don't have to be a DSpace committer.

Thank you for your interest and input!