Dear all,

my institution is currently running three separate instances of DSpace (one 1.6, two 1.4). I would like to consolidate them into a single instance that is using a more current DSpace version (3.2 or 4.1). The plan is to export all content from the older versions, set up a separate community for each instance and then import it into the new version.

Can you help me with the following questions:
- Is there a way of maintaining separate handle prefixes for each community like we had with the multiple instances?
- Would it be better to run through the incremental version upgrades to 3.2/4.1--like you would normally do with DSpace--with our 1.6 version and then create the additional communities in that version?
- Any other thoughts on this plan?

Thank you,

Markus Wust
Digital Collections and Preservation Librarian
North Carolina State University Libraries
Raleigh, NC