Good morning.
In this moment, where i'm working, we have 5 dspaces working. The version is 1.6.2 in every dspace.. Every dspace 1.6.2 have a diferent handle (for example 12345,12345.1,12345.2, 12345.3 and 12345.4) We want to update our repositories. We are studying to have only one dspace 3.2. In this new dspace 3.2 would have 5 comunities, one per old dspace. So all content in every old dspace1.6.2 will be in the new dspace 3.2. Obviously the ítems from old dspaces that will be in the new dspace 3.2 will  have the same handle, the handle they had in dspace 1.6.2,  in the new dspace 3.2 (this dspace 3.2 will be configurated with a  handle of one of the old dspaces for example 12345).  I would like to know how could be the configuration of the new handle server of the new dspace 3.2 to know if when some one put in internet or (2 example that exist in dspace 1.6.2 now and will be in the new dspace 3.2) the new dspace3.2 handle server vive the correct items.
The questions would be:
1 would It be posible make a configuration in the handle server of dspace 3.2 to resolve ítems of dspace 3.2 that come from old dspace 1.62.?
2 if It is possible would it be necesary one handle server or 5 handle server?
3 if one handle server is needed. In config.dct i have to introduce the handle where YOUR_NAMING_AUTHORITY is writen. This handle would be the same handle that the handle i write in dspace.cfg, wouldn'nt it? ( for example 12345) but with this configuration if It is repuested a ítem with handle 12345.1, could this server give the URL of item if ítem exist in dspace 3.2? If no posible, could i introduce more that one handle in the same config.dct? If more than one handle can be configurated in config.dct i would email the file and identify the  5 prefixes to CNRI. But i don't know if CNRI could accept this.
4 if 5 handles are needed , i don't know if there would be any problem with dspace, because en dspace.cfg only i can indicate one handle server cannot i?