Hi Hilton,

out of curiosity I looked at that the chapter and the new ldap.conf file you're linking there to isn't explained at all. Where does it come from? What's its contents?

Dňa 11.11.2012 14:27, "Hilton Gibson" <hilton.gibson@gmail.com> napísal(-a):
Perhaps this will help: http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNScholar/User_Management#Step_1._Check_local_LDAP_on_local_server

On 11 November 2012 13:50, helix84 <helix84@centrum.sk> wrote:
It seems allright, you're using id_field correctly (assuming all else
is correct). You just didn't respond which authentication plugin you
used. You should use LDAPHierarchicalAuthentication, not
LDAPAuthentication, otherwise the initial bind would be ignored and an
anonymous search tried, which would be a problem if the mail attribute
is not searchable for anonymous users.

If that's not the problem, here's what I'd try next:

1) Use the ldapsearch tool to try to connect to LDAP from the DSpace
machine. Start with this:
ldapsearch -h your_ldap.com -D "cn=admin,dc=myorg,dc=edu" -W -L
and see if it finds the record for you. That's essentially what your
configuration tells DSpace to use. If not, try tweaking the

2) Use wireshark or tshark to watch the LDAP conversation (limit
capture to the IP of your LDAP), this should definitely tell you what
parameters it uses and give you a clue why it doesn't work.

You will be able to use Wireshark without any advanced configuration
because you're using the plain LDAP protocol. When you have it
working, I strongly suggest you to use LDAP in the TLS encapuslation
(or at least LDAPS, but that one is less secure).


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