On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Lin, Na <nlin@hshsl.umaryland.edu> wrote:
> We are hoping to be able to use standard DCMI terms as defined in the /terms/ namespace here: (http://dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms/), specifically, hoping to include ORCID in a qualifier. But it seems that DSpace's "dc" schema is based on the properties in the earlier DC elements namespace and the elements and encoding schemes that qualify them http://dublincore.org/documents/usageguide/qualifiers.shtml), along with some DSpace-specific qualifiers that aren't defined in DCMI's schema.  Is this correct? Has anyone used ORCID in Dspace? If so how? Would appreciate any comments.

Hi Na,

we'll be gradually working on moving DSpace to DCMI terms over the next couple of releases starting from DSpace 4.0 (to be released before the end of the year). In DSpace 4.0, we will add the DCMI terms schema as optional, in fact, you can do it with a previous version of DSpace, too. Download this file [1], save it into [dspace]/config/registries/ and run
[dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun org.dspace.administer.MetadataImporter -f [dspace]/config/registries/dcterms-types.xml

Regarding ORCID - you cannot use it as a qualifier. The DC/DCMI schemas are for *item* metadata and ORCID is an *author* metadata. One item can have multiple authors. Currently, there's no flawless way to store this relation in DSpace. However, we are considering solution.

Here are the easy options for storing ORCID you currently have:
a) Store ORCID as authority identifier. This is a tried and true mechanism in DSpace, also well documented. The drawback is that there is a single such identifier, so if you choose ORCID, you can't mix it with something else (e.g. ResearcherID or national authorities).

b) Store ORCID in item metadata in a local namespace. This is simple to do. The drawback here is that there is no guarantee that order of values is preserved (although, as far as I know, it is) - that means you would have:
dc.contributor.author = Doe, John; Smith, James
local.orcid = 0000-0000-1234-5678; 0000-0000-8765-4321
but they are independent, so have to take care to modify them in sync.

There may be some other options, but they would require programming knowledge.

Like I said, we're still working out the best way to store autor identifiers/metadata in DSpace and it will take at least another year (easily more) to get there.

[1] https://raw.github.com/bram-atmire/DSpace/58ec299121205bc84e613d3aeaddcc97910f4bb0/dspace/config/registries/dcterms-types.xml


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