Hi Tim,

it is a lot interesting. As the matter of fact, we were already thinking about this subject, as our intents are to improve the user experience. 

It is a good opportunity to put together our intentions and this initiative, it would be good to discuss this very specific subject in future DevMtgs (or post DevMtgs), it requires core changes and decisions to be made, i can easily think of dozens.

Feedback from the development team is of the utmost importance.

On 30 August 2012 20:22, Tim Donohue <tdonohue@duraspace.org> wrote:
DSpace Developers,

DuraSpace has been contacted by Creative Commons about integrating LRMI
(Learning Resource Metadata Initiative) metadata into the DSpace web

Briefly put, LRMI is an initiative to develop standard tagging of
educational/learning resources on the web (based on Schema.org). For
much more information about LRMI, see their website at: http://lrmi.net

Creative Commons has funding available to any developer or
institution/corporation that may be willing to take on this work. They
have also offered the consultation services of their LRMI Tech Lead to
help spec out the necessary work with interested parties.

Because DuraSpace does not have the developer resources to take this
project on ourselves, we'd like to offer it up to interested community

If you or your institution/corporation would be interested in working to
integrate DSpace with LRMI, please get in touch.

The goal here would be to not only develop this LRMI integration, but
also provide occasional updates, so that other developers & Committers
have an opportunity to provide suggestions/feedback. Ideally, we'd
prefer this work to be done as publicly as possible (e.g. via GitHub or
another public code repository, with regular updates via JIRA or a Wiki
page). The hope is that this work may be eventually brought back into
out-of-the-box DSpace, assuming it gets approval from our Committers
team and the developer community in general.

So, as I said, please get in touch if you are interested in this work. I
can also gladly connect you with folks at Creative Commons should you
want more information on LRMI or the project in general.


- Tim

Tim Donohue
Technical Lead for DSpace Project

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