Hi there!

I'm having a strange issue with XMLUI; basically, each first request to /xmlui of the day fails with a NULL pointer exception. After that, if I reload the page it works perfectly. It happens just once a day and it happens every day.

There's no activity on DSpace at night because that's just a preproduction machine, so it's even odder.

The only thing I think can have something to do with this is the night dspace user's crontab:

# Send out subscription e-mails at 01:00 every day
0 1 * * *  /opt/www/dspace/bin/dspace sub-daily
# Run the media filter at 02:00 every day
0 2 * * *  /opt/www/dspace/bin/dspace filter-media
# Run the checksum checker at 03:00
0 3 * * *  /opt/www/dspace/bin/dspace checker -lp

The exception output can be seen here: http://pastebin.ca/2380489

Any ideas with this?

Thanks so much!