Hi helix, thanks for your response, and sorry for not answering sooner but I've been on holidays and came back today.

I supposed there must be something weird about it as I couldn't find any official source for this. I've finally been able to deploy that version but it doesn't work as expected as when uploading a file (the same file all the time), it sometimes crashes and sometimes it doesn't. There seems to be some problem with the code, so we're discarding this idea.

At our work we're trying to deploy a little footbridge between Alfresco to DSpace. Basically, we've been working long years with Alfresco and now we want to migrate all our data to our DSpace 3.1 installation - So basically what we need is a console application or tool that would take a zip with the file and its metadata and index it in our DSpace database, as these are long GBs of data, so we need something that would automatize the whole process. The guys from one of our departments are able to extract the files and their metadata from the Alfresco DB, so now there's just this left. We've been trying to find something like this but that's the most solution we've found up until now, so if you could give me some advice on how to do that, I'd really appreciate this.

Thanks again

2014-03-06 16:32 GMT+00:00 helix84 <helix84@centrum.sk>:
On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 11:32 AM, X ch <todos.somos.yo@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to deploy the REST module on a 3.1 DSpace installation, but I'm
> having serious trouble with it. Following this guide:
> https://jspace.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DSPACEAPI/DSpace+REST+API+Home,
> neither first or second possibilities work and the third is unaffordable
> right now.

This is a different REST API. There are at least 5 different
implementations and this is not the one that is part of DSpace 4.

Your stacktrace looks like you're deploying the dspace-rest from
DSpace 4 compiled with DSpace 4 to a container running DSpace 3. That
won't work unless you build it with a separate configuration directory
that has the beans for the appropriate DSpace version (4). I'm not
sure whether it's even possible, because the config directory is
assumed to be ${dspace.dir} + "/config/" and if you change
${dspace.dir}, there won't be the assetstore you want... though you
could create symlinks. You see where I'm going. This is complex and
there's no guarantee that the REST API even works with DSpace 3.

I also tried to build dspace-rest from DSpace 4 with DSpace 3, but it
does depend on some method signatures that changed between these
versions, so this would mean some work, too.

What do you specifically need to use the REST API for? There may be a
different way to do that.


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