Dear Dspace users, I forward you this email of me, maybe you have a quick answer to it.
Thanks in advance!
Judit Gardos

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From: Judit Gárdos <>
Date: Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 11:01 AM
Subject: question embargo dspace

Dear Mark Diggory,
I saw on the dspace wiki page that you have been working on some embargo features in Dspace.
We are planning to establish an archive for social scientific data at the Academy of Sciences in Hungary. We have some rather superficial experience with dspace. One of the main questions is whether one can put an embargo on SOME metadata fields (but not all of them) of a file uploaded. Imagine for example the name of the interviewee that should appear in the metadata for archival purposes but not in any search or browsing results. The date of the interview, the DublinCore metadata etc. etc. should appear in browsing and search results in order to find an interesting interview.
I am sorry to bother you with this question but it is crucial for us and I did not find an answer to this anywhere.
Thanks in advance, greetings from Budapest,
Judit Gárdos