We try to enable multilingualism in DSpace 1.7.2 (JDK 6, Apache Tomcat 7.0) for Greek (ISO el) and it is impossible to find the translation file that is built-in with this version of DSpace.
I've made a search for a message_el.properties file but there were no results. The only greek I get is in messages_el.xml for XMLUI.

For this reason, I tried to translate the original message.properties file for greek, place it to the [dspace-src].../jspui/src/main/resources/messages_el.properties
copied the file also in Tomcat but there were no changes in the Greek text.
Does anyone know:
a) where i can find the file for the translation that I see (when I enable webui.supported.locales = en, el)

b) how can I edit it

c) if there is no such a translation why my code in the created file-message_el.properties is not read by the system

Thank you all in advance,

Vera Kriezi
Technical Services of
Music Library "Lilian Voudouri"
Athens, Greece