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>> > No such object (32)
>> This baffles me, I'm not sure whether this refers to the record or
>> somethine else. Try Googling for this (in quotes).

Your response wasn't really related to my recommendation.

I did google and the responses i get are related to people wanting to add users and they get such an error, however i saw one that mentioned it means i that my ldap contains no data which ofcourse is it true as like i said i have entries on it and it is currently used by other platforms.

That doesn't really tell us anything we don't know. Especially not
what attribute is used to construct full DN and what search filter is

Okay that was what worked on my openfire however here is the one for moodle:
In addition to the fields above moodle has:

Contexts: ou=people,dc=myorg,dc=edu
: Yes

Thanks again for your help
@Hiltson here is the url:



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