Some more info:
I went through the FAQ section regarding updates to without doing a build. This is what I noticed for my build.

1) Unzipped  [dspace]/webapps/jspui/WEB-INF/lib/dspace-api-3.2.jar to external folder
2) The does not contain the modifications  from [dspace-src]\dspace\modules\jspui\src\main\resources
4) The file in [dspace]/webapps/jspui/WEB-INF/classes/ has the modifications present.
5) restarted servlet container 

The changes are not visible on the home page. Is there any way I can verify if the custom files placed under [dspace-src]\dspace\modules\jspui\src\main\resources is actually being used in the build process?

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Shazia Sathar <> wrote:

I am trying to update text on Home page by making updates to Messages.Properties file. Here are the steps I followed:

1) Copy file from [dspace-src]\dspace-api\src\main\resources to [dspace-src]\dspace\modules\jspui\src\main\resources
2) Edit the file in [dspace-src]\dspace\modules\jspui\src\main\resources
jsp.home.com1  = Communities in My DSpace
jsp.home.title  = ABC Home
3) go to [dspace-src]\dspace
Run  "mvn package"
4) Go to [dspace-src]\dspace\target\dspace-3.3-build\
Run 'ant -Dconfig=C:\dspace\config\dspace.cfg update
5) XCOPY C:\dspace\webapps\* C:\apache-tomcat-8.0.0-RC5\webapps /s/i
6) Restart Tomcat

I do not see my changes on the Home page. Am I missing something here? I am using Dspace version 3.2 and running on Windows platform