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@mire is back on board as an advocate sponsor for SPARC's International Open Access Week. During the week of October 22nd, institutions from all across the globe put an emphasis on free access to research outputs. Some institutions put together large conferences, other organizations apply more grassroots advocacy efforts and guerilla marketing. In order to support the community in spreading the word last year, we sent out free "Ask me about Open Access" door hangers that even made it all the way to Japan.

This year we created a poster that aims to explain the basic principles of Green Open Access, Gold Open Access and how they relate to the roles of an Institutional Repository. Claim your free posters now.

The whitespace right before "Green Open Access" can be used to include the URL to your own repository. To request 5 posters for free, register using this form. Posters will be sent on a first come first serve basis.

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