Dear Shivraj,

interesting question. Could you elaborate on what your audience needs to learn exactly? The reason I am asking is that different areas of functionality could be relevant for different groups of users: 

- end users who will only use the DSpace functionality that does not require log in. Here you can focus on features like the community/collection hierarchy, searching, RSS feeds, email subscriptions to content and basic statistics.
- end users who will log in to DSpace for use cases including submission of content. For this group, a thorough walkthrough of the submission steps and how you have implemented them at your institution will be relevant.
- end users who will act as reviewers or editors of content. They need to know about their responsibilities and how-to's on performing these edit and review tasks
- administrator users who will only have access to the DSpace admin web user interface
- administrator users who have both UI web admin access, as well as direct access to your DSpace server for purpose of updating DSpace configuration, changing the input forms etc.

Because of the variety of available information here, I would recommend not to overburden your group of users with too many details that have low relevance to their particular usecases.

Which version and user interface (JSPUI vs XMLUI) are you currently using?

with kindest regards,

Bram Luyten

Bram Luyten @mire
2888 Loker Avenue East, Suite 315, Carlsbad, CA. 92010
Esperantolaan 4, Heverlee 3001, Belgium

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 6:20 AM, Shivraj Thorat <> wrote:
Respected Professionals,

I have installed and customized DSpace 3.x on Windows platform. I need to demonstrate the same to the user community regarding a to z about its functioning and use. If you have any presentation or any source, please suggest me to avoid duplication of work and to save time.


Mr. Shivraj Thorat
BVDU, Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development
Paud Rd, Kothrud,

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