Hi Iris, 

allow me to take the easy ones:

File Type Support

Any type of file, regardless of format or extension can be stored in DSpace. In this context, "support" for such a file is defined as: being able to upload the file, and offering it for download to end users. 
For text formats, DSpace offers full-text indexing and searching. For image formats, DSpace offers thumbnail generation & display.

Metadata Schema Support

As long as the envisioned metadata schema is flat (e.g. non hierarchical), you can use the web user interface tools to customize the provided DC schema to your liking. Additional schema's can be added and individual items can contain elements form different schema's.

I have not investigated whether EXIF, IPTC, XMP and EAD are flat metadata schema's.

Export formats

DSpace offers different interfaces for export of metadata. The newest release, DSpace 3.0 offers a configurable OAI-PMH interface with support for following standards:

  1. OAI_DC
  2. DIDL
  3. DIM
  4. ETDMS
  5. METS
  6. MODS
  7. OAI-ORE
  8. QDC
  9. RDF
  10. MARC
  11. UKETD_DC
  12. XOAI
Please clarify whether this fully addresses your question about export.

What are the opportunities it in user management? Can I also access rights for individual objects, 

The user and group model allows you to assign access rights both to users and groups of users. These rights can be assigned all the way down to the individual object level.

Can I protect objects with watermark? 

This is not offered by DSpace out of the box, but you could customize DSpace in order to do this.

Can I use Boolean Operators? 


How many users can work on Dspace? How many media objects can be managed?

There are no theoretical limits. To my knowledge, the largest DSpace holds over half a million items.
We have a client with over 13000 entries in the user account table (eperson), serving close to 400.000 pages/month in 85.000 unique visits.

Both on the hardware and software level, several scaling techniques can be applied as you scale up the system.

hope this helps, have a nice weekend,

Bram Luyten

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On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Iris Frieling <iris.frieling@gmx.de> wrote:

I have a few questions about Dspace.

Support Dspace
image formats like: jpg, tiff, raw, gif, png or psd?
video formats: avi, mpeg?
audio formats: mp3, wav?
text formats: txt, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf?

Support Dspace beside dublin core other metadata  standards like
EXIF, IPTC, XMP and EAD? Can the metadata schema be edited?

Which formats can be exported?

Is Dspace OAIS-compliant?

What are the opportunities it in user management? Can I also access rights for individual objects, Can I protect objects with watermark? Is there multi-client capability?

Can I use Boolean Operators, thesaurus and search in indices? Can I collect search results in a collective basket?

How many users can work on Dspace? How many media objects can be managed?

It would be very nice if someone could help with these questions

Best Regards

Iris Frieling

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