DSpace recently started a dialog with translationwiki.net (TWN), a large community of volunteers that help out open source projects with interface translations.

The goals of collaborating with TWN are:
- Getting more and better interface translations
- Lowering the threshold for our own users to contribute translations. TWN has a very intuitive web interface for this purpose.
- Make the process a lot faster and easier to acquire and install updated translations.

This initial dialogue is very promising: TWN has acknowledged that DSpace is a valuable project and that all criteria are met for them to start contributing to the translation of DSpace interface messages.

Now it's time to connect the dots

We are currently looking for volunteers who can help out with any of the following:
- verifying and extending a small piece of php code that will allow TWN to interpret the XMLUI message catalog format. A prototype is already there.
- Assist in the process to identify language components (messages keys) that are currently somewhere else in the DSpace codebase than in the JSP or XMLUI message catalogs.
- After identification, assist in adding these messages to the catalogs and changing the DSpace sourcecode to use the messages in the catalog instead of the other location.

If you're not sure what these two last points are, one example are the DSpace email templates. They are currently sitting in separate files. Initial work has already been done to put them in the catalog, but the code needs to be adjusted to consult those new messages instead of the file based emails.

More details can be found in the JIRA ticket that covers this topic:

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