Hi Shrilatha,

sending out the daily subscription emails to everyone that has an active subscription is carried out by a cron job for the command [dspace]/bin/dspace sub-daily. From what you wrote, I think you may not have this cron job setup properly.

Here's a resource:

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On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 6:34 AM, Shrilatha <shrilatha@ccadd.cmmacs.ernet.in> wrote:

dspace tech forum have been very useful for me to configure the dspace at my work.
thank you so much.

i have a issue-
i am using dspace 1.6.2 for a bunch of documents to share on WAN. n i have a set of users to access the same.
but the users are not getting the email notification for the new submission even after subscribing to a collection(SUBSCRIBE TO E-MAIL ALERTS).
can you pls let me know the configuration setting to be made for it?

thank you very much
with regards,

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