Thank you for your help Helix.

In tomcat6.conf I put this:
JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -Xms512M -XX:MaxPermSize=192m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8"

The server has a total of 4096 MB assigned. At the beginning (in production) I had troubles with PermGen space and I added -XX:MaxPermSize=192m. What do you think is the best value for JAVA_OPTS? 

I double-checked dspace config and it is OK.

Javier Távara

2013/8/23 helix84 <>
On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Javier Távara <> wrote:
> I use DSpace 3.1 and XMLUI, all was going right until we released to public
> (only changing DNS).

No solution yet, but here's something for starters. This describes how
to read this type of error: [1].

> # V  []  JVM_RaiseSignal+0xdd033
> # V  []  MachNode::in_RegMask(unsigned int) const+0x3d

So according to [2] it seems the crash is in a a library that's part
of JRE ( Nevertheless, I'm suspicious of the fact that two
different flavours of JRE are crashing in the same library - I
wouldn't rule out error in application yet.

I'd start with obvious stuff
* Did you give Tomcat enough memory? Insufficient memory could cause
crashes. See [3].
* You said this occurred after you changed DNS record to point to DSpace:
a) did you change dspace.hostname, dspace.baseUrl and dspace.url to
the new domain name and restart Tomcat?
b) otherwise the crash might have been caused by a spike in traffic
when actual live requests started hitting your new DSpace



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