Iíve been working on a DSpace instance for my library and another archival entity on our campus.  However, our new Director of Academic Technology (for the campus) has been consulting with me about the possibility of using DSpace as a campus IR.

I am curious about what sort of workflow(s) some of you have in place for processing item record submissions from campus contributors ó specifically, how much metadata you ask your contributors to submit.

While I have confidence that my librarian and archivist colleagues (who are already used to cataloging and metada) will buy-in to the idea that they need to complete as many Dublin Core element fields as possible, and as accurately as possible, when submitting items.... I do have some reservations that campus-wide contributors will buy-in to such a laborious process.

-- Do you require all contributors (including faculty and students) to fill out the Dublin Core (or your preferred metadata) element fields?

-- Or do you allow them to submit some sort of intermediary, or basic, set of fields, and then have someone else (a librarian, a reviewer, etc.) complete or correct the remaining element fields prior to processing the item submission?

Thank you!



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