I have used the excel to Dspace using Metadata import in Dspace Version 3.1, and I have succeeded in that. If any body wants any help regarding excel to Dspace, I can clarify them.
In the mean time, I could able to do only maximum of 20 records at a time.   For that I have corrected in
dspace - config - modules - bulkedit.cfg  file
viz., gui-item-limit = 200

But it is not accepting it. It is accepting only 20 records at a time. 
Any body can help me to do, more than 200 records at time. 
In the manual / note I have read that it is suggested for maximuam of 1000 records at time.  So there is a way to import more than 20 to 1000 records at a time.
Please reply at the earliest.
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