Would you like to be part of the "repository challenge" roadshow?  And write rapid code to show how all open source repository platforms interoperate?  If so, read on....

For those of you that attended OR2008, you may recall there was a repository software challenge, to develop software rapidly at the conference and win a prize.  The team that organized this event,, CRIG* will be doing a road show, where the purpose of the roadshow will be to promote common interoperability frameworks that work on all 3 repository platforms.  They have a developer from Fedora and eprints and are looking for a developer to represent the DSpace community.  You will be required to write code.  The time commitment is as follows:

1.) WorldComp'08 July 14-17 in Vegas

2.) Blackboard Developer Conference July 13-15 in Vegas*

3.) EduWeb Conference July 21-23rd in Atlantic City, New Jersey

*also possibility of  a Barcamp venue on the East Coast between July 16th-21st: most likely the Library of Congress or Boston/NYC area.

Your transportation and hotel expenses will be paid for, but you will need to attend all events and donate your time.

If you are interested please let me know.

thanks, Michele Kimpton

*CRIG info here: http://tinyurl.com/yqfhg8