Hi all,

I'd like to put out a call for early notification of any enhancements or contributions that are intended to be committed for the DSpace 3.0 release.  

This does not constitute a commitment or adherence to any schedule (outside of the standard DSpace 3.0 schedule).  The release team would just like to have an idea of anything that is coming down the pipe (especially major architectural changes that will impact other projects), so that we can know what this release is starting to look like, and what work will need to be done coordinating and testing contributions.

(I will add a quick note here to say that it would be fantastic if contributions were submitted with unit tests, to allow for easier testing and integration work, and a more robust release.)

If there are contributions that you intend to make to this release, regardless of how small or large, please take a minute to add them on the following wiki page, under the "New features in DSpace 3.0 (very tentative)" section.


Thanks from the DSpace 3 Release Team!

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