On 28 June 2011 21:40, Mark Diggory <mdiggory@atmire.com> wrote:
On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Richard Rodgers <rrodgers@mit.edu> wrote:

The changes made to support modular configuration were intended to be completely backward compatible, so the family of methods that are *not* modular, eg,


will attempt to retrieve a property in dspace.cfg named 'foo.bar', which is exactly what they used to do.

There are a *new* set of companion methods that are 'modular' :

   ConfigurationManager.getProperty("foo", "bar")

And likewise, for the record, if you port to the ConfigurationService it would be

new DSpace().getConfigurationService().getProperty("foo.bar"); prefixing is managed in parsing the key, not in an additional parameter in the method signature. Likewise all the details below apply to the configuration service as well.

I realise it's a bit late for this, but really what I would much rather see is:

a) New style ConfigurationService should be injected by Spring, not retrieved from a method call (either static or from a new Object).

b)  Accessing a configuration for a 'module' should be distinct in itself. eg:

new DSpace().getConfigurationService().getConfigurationFor("foo").getProperty("bar")