Dear DSpace enthusiasts,

@mire will be organizing two separate webinars on both Mirage and Discovery, two major features contributed by our company as part of DSpace 1.7.
Participation in these online events is entirely free.


The Mirage XML User Interface theme and the Discovery faceted browse & search engine are two features that really reach their full potential when properly customized to your needs. These webinars aim to address your specific questions and challenges in customizing and using these features. Together with the developers of these features, you will dive into the code and get a better view on the architecture and the possibilities.

To make sure these events are as tailored to the audience (you!) as possible, we invite you to send in questions and topics by the 27th of May. Although you will be able to interact live with Kevin Van de Velde (Discovery) and Art Lowel (Mirage) during these webinars, it's challenging to optimally address new and complex questions on the spot. So please do send your questions in advance.

Dates and Time

Mirage Webinar: 31st of May, 4pm GMT+1
Discovery Webinar: 1st of June, 4pm GMT+1
(click the links to see the time of the event in your own timezone)


The webinars will be broadcast on our DSpace Webinar channel

You are not required to register an account to access the webinar. Recordings of both events will be available afterwards.


Feel free to let us know if you are interested to attend the event. We will make sure to send you a reminder 15 minutes in advance, and provide you with links to related materials afterwards.

with kindest regards,

Bram Luyten - Art Lowel - Kevin Van de Velde


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